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Wednesday 11 October 2017


                  ANGLO -  MYSORE WARS ( 1767-1799)                                 

       Fought between: Mysore and the British East India Company

  1. People involved: Haider ali , tipu sultan , Marathas, nizam , Eyre coote , Cornwallis, and lord Wellesley
  2. Result: Decisive victory for the British
  3. First mysore war – (1767-1769)
  4. Second mysore war – (1780-1784)
  5. Third mysore war –  (1789-1792)
  6. Fourth mysore war –(1789-1792)


First War (1767-1769) 

MYsore was a powerful state under Haider Ali . in 1769 the first mysore anglo - mysore war was fought in which haider ali  defeated the British and Treaty  of Madras was signed between them. Haider Ali  occupied almost the whole of Carnatic. 

Second war (1780-1784)

Warren Hastings attacked French port Maine which was in Haider Ali’s territory . Haider Ali led a Joint  front With Nizam  and marathas  and captured Arcot (Capital of CarnatIc State) . in July 1781 haider ali was defeated at proto novo by EYRE COOTE and saved madras . In December 1782 after the death at HaIderAiI  the war was carried on by His son Tipu Sultan.  Treaty of mangalore was singed by tipu sultan in march 1784 . which ended the second anglo - mysore war

THIRD WAR (1789-1792)

This war was fought between Tipu Sultan and English began in 1789 and ended in Tipu‘s defeat in 1792. in this war, Marathas and Nizam aided the British and Cornwallis captured Bangalore. This war was ended by signing of Treaty of Seringapatnam, between Tipu Sultan and Lord Cornwallis. in this treaty. Tipu ceded half of his territories and two of his son’s as hostages of WAR.


In 1799 the British Army Led by Lord Wellesley attacked and defeated Tpu Sultan in a brief but fierce wartHe met a heroic end on 4th May 1399 white defending his capital Seringapatnam. 





 FIRST WAR  1767 -1769 TREATY OF MADRAS  Haider ali defeated the british
SECOND WAR 1780- 1784 TREATY OF MANGALORE  Haider ali defeated at porto novo by eyre coote . 
THIRD WAR  1789-1792  TREATY OF SERINGPATNAM  Tipu sultan defeated by lord cornwallis 
FOURTH WAR  1799 NONE  Tipu sultan defeatd by lord wellesley