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SSC CGL Questions Asked 2017 Tier I 19 august Exam (All Days & All Shifts)

question asked in cgl 2017

Q1. Which movie got Best film National award 2016?
Ans. Kasaab

Q2. Who was runner-up of Rugby world cup 2015?
Ans: Australia

Q3. Chole dynasty ruled in which part of India?
Ans: Southern

Q4. One question related to Pradhan Mantri pension and life insurance scheme?
Ans: Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana

Q5. Who is the inventor of Ball pen?
Ans:John Loud (patent)

Q6. Crust of sea is made up of silica and _________?

Q7. Friction is reduced by which of the following?

Q8. MgO + H₂O = ___________?

Q9. Which country topped the rank in HDI?

Q10. When reforms are introduced in India?
(a) 1990
(b) 1951
(c) 2001

Q11. One question related to Advisory jurisdiction of Supreme Court.

Q12.Input output related to which term?
(a) Average production
(b) Production factor

Q13. One question related to Xylem.

Q14. How many seats in Rajya Sabha Tripura?

Q15. Notepad editor is of which operating system?

Q16. English man necessitates to produce which crop in Darjeeling?

Q17.One question related to name of place between India and Pakistan.

Q18.Monkey, gorrila are related to which carniverous and mammals group

Q19. Meanders form which type of Lake? 

Q20. Size of particles more than that sized particle will be counted as air pollutants.

Q21. Monuments in Hampi is built by which kings?

Q22. What is the process of picking useful thing and using from waste and garbage?

Q.23 Who was not the winner of Noble prize 2016 in Chemistry?
Ans: Option other than these three Fraser Stoddart, Jean-Pierre Sauvage, Ben Feringa is Answer.

Q24. Rugby tournament 2015-16 held in which country?

Q25. Match the following: (book & Author's Name)

Q26. Access to shops malls comes under which fundamental right?
Answer: - Right to Equality

Q27. When did AIADMK established?
Ans:17 Oct 1972

Q28. Which Acid present in grapes?

Q29. Who built Nalanda University?

Q30. What is the length of Vocal cord of women?

Q31. If v=u+at , what is u in this equation, 
Ans. Initial velocity

Q32. Uranus is discovered by?
Ans:William Herschel

Q33. India is.... largest country according to Area?
(a) 3
(b) 4
(c) 7
(d) 9

Q34. What is the full form of HTML?
Ans:Hyper Text Mark up Language

Q.35 Gandhi Travelled for how many days with his followers in Satyagarh movement?

Answer:- 24 Days

Q36. China doesn’t share its boundary with which state of India?

Q37. Which of the following is an artificial silk?

Q38. By how much World's temperature has increased in one decade?
(a) 0.6
(b) 1.6 
(c) 2.6
(d) 3.6

Q39. Flatworm belong to which phylum?

Q40. When market demand is less and supply is high is called______?
Ans:Excess Supply

Q41. Which country is top source of FDI in India? 
Answer: Mauritius

Q42. Which scheme is for the weaker section of the society financially?
Answer:- Jan Dhan Yojana

Q43. Which of the following is male reproductive organs?

Q44. Digital Dakiya is established in which state?

Q45. One question related to Earthquake (Epicenter).